FREE THEM ALL: Political prisoners

    Outside of the sensationalism that we call entertainment including The Real Housewives of “insert city here” to washed up celebrities having a reality TV show, there are political prisoners fighting for equality of their people and fighting for us. How much do we hear about their efforts? How much do we care? Something’s wrong with this picture.

    The first time I heard Mumia Abu-Jamal’s name was from people I followed on twitter discussing his trial. What is devastating about his story is the fact that he’s on death row for allegedly killing a white cop (although evidence possibly shows otherwise). The outcry from supporters claim he hasn’t had a right to a fair trial. I must admit I have a bias when it comes to my people because we’ve struggled with racism for so long that it’s hard to believe good intentions in the justice system benefit “us” more than others.

    Aung San Suu Kyi is another name I wasn’t too familiar with until I stumbled across her story in a book called Revolution: Faces of Change. Having been under house arrest for 15 years, she was recently released. The junta (ran by the Burmese army created by her father before his assassination) did their best to keep her voice unheard and movement unseen but they couldn’t stop her or the many supporters she had.

    When I think about current and past political prisoners like Assata Shakur, Ali Khalid Abdullah, and Sundiata Acoli, all that comes to mind is unbreakable spirits. After spending their lives imprisoned, not backing down from what they believe in, I often wonder what have I done for my people lately? As simple as writing them a letter could make a big difference. I’m in awe of these unbreakable spirits. How will you contribute? Here is a list I found online of political prisoners and addresses to write them (not sure of accuracy). Just bringing awareness to their situation is not enough.Suu Kyi’s free what about Mumia? It’s time for me to do less talking and more “writing”. FREE THEM ALL. P.E.A.C.E. (Positive Energy Always Conquers Evil).

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